Swimming Lessons

Rockin’ Robin’s School of Star*Fish!
Private & semi-Private swim classes
Come Swim (with or in?) our school!
Private & Semi-private swim classes
Swim classes for all ages
Specializing in teaching young children to swim
Gulf Coast Divers has been training divers for over 40 years. We have an incredible indoor pool that is ready and waiting for your kids to come join in our new swim classes.

Call now to get your name on the list. 251-342-2970
Reasons to teach kids to swim.
  • Swimming is fun
  • Swimming is a skill they can use forever
  • Knowiwng how to swim makes them safer around a pool or at the beach
  • Kids love to go swimming
  • Swimming is an easy way to cool off in the summer
  • Swimming is good excercise
  • Swimming is an Olympic sport
  • Kids go to college on swimming scholarships
  • Swimming is fun

Cost for series  (10 classes, 45 min each)
# in Class Cost per person
1 $495.00
2 $400.00
3 $325.00
4 $269.00
If you would like information on the Gulf Coast Divers Swimming Program please call the shop at 251-342-2970