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Maintenance / Sales / Service / Repair
Our technicians are factory trained and certified, and work on virtually all makes and models. We stock service kits and parts for almost everything you can bring in. We are the guys that have those hard to find parts. Our Scuba Technicians represent more than 7 decades of experience. Our Master Scuba Technician has been servicing scuba gear professionally for over 25 years. Many commercial diving companies and dive professionals trust our technicians to service their personal systems. Additionally, many other dive shops send us their customer’s gear. That is a huge stamp of approval from dive industry professionals. Trust us with your scuba system, and you can trust your scuba system!

New Equipment Sales
We want your underwater experiences to be as pleasurable as possible, and are totally committed to providing you with the equipment that is right for you. Divers that own their own gear tend to dive more often, have higher “unit functioning” skill levels, and unquestionably are more comfortable divers. Our goal is to get you in the water and keep you there having fun. We stock high quality equipment from most manufacturers in all sizes, colors and price ranges. Regardless of your budget, we can get you in the water in the right stuff. Try it in our pool before you buy it. Compare. Fully learn it’s adjustments and nuances in the un-rushed comfort of our pool instead of when you want (and need) to be focused on the dive.
Used Equipment Sales
We have the largest selection of high quality reliable used equipment in the southeast. Try it in our pool before you buy it. All of our used equipment has been totally overhauled and water tested, insuring that you know exactly what you are getting. We are so confident in it’s reliability that all used gear comes with a 1 year service contract. That means that we guarantee it will perform properly for the entire next year of diving. You aren’t just buying a piece of equipment. You are also getting insurance and a sense of security. You are getting Gulf Coast Divers behind it.
Try Before You Buy
Diving is an equipment intensive activity and ill-fitting or improperly adjusted gear will directly affect your dive experience. Divers should have as much consistency in their dive adventures as possible. Diving with the same, custom-fitted equipment every time contributes to this consistency and results in increased comfort. I don’t know a single diver that dives in order to fiddle with equipment underwater. Ideally, you want to don your scuba system and then forget about it and enjoy the scenery.

Divers that own their own gear tend to dive more often and unquestionably are more comfortable divers. Diving with the same equipment every time allows you to develop conditioned responses which contribute to comfort, safety and enjoyment.

Deciding on make, model, style and configuration for every piece of your scuba system can be an overwhelming task. At Gulf Coast Divers our knowledgeable staff takes pride in insuring that the scuba system you dive with is properly fitted, assembled, works well together, and performs up to expectations. We use, try out and evaluate new equipment models before we commit to bringing it into our store to sell. We watch it being used in our classes and dive trips and rentals. If we find that something does not perform or hold up as well as we think it should, we cease carrying or recommending it. Part of our “invisible” customer service lies in the things we choose NOT to sell.

The first step is an interview with our equipment techs to decide on a couple of equipment options that fit your diving desires, style, future desires and budget. Then, try all the options in our in-store, 15′ deep, heated pool. The only way to know how it works for you is underwater. Then once, you have decided on a scuba system, we will adjust and configure it for you, poolside. We recognize that just diving it once in the pool isn’t enough to “learn” your system, so we include a 10-dive punch card with every full scuba system we sell. This allows you to come back and dive your new gear 10 times in our pool for FREE.

Our “Try Before You Buy” policy is way more than just a quick splash in the pool. It is an opportunity to draw from our staff’s expertise and experience. Another advantage for you is in the equipment that Gulf Coast Divers doesn’t sell. You want your scuba equipment to be of the highest quality and safety, not an online or Craig’s List buying mistake.

We sell only the highest quality new and used scuba gear. Call (251)342-2970 and make an appointment with an equipment advisor and don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and towel…you will want to get wet!

Don’t let the lack of gear keep you out of the water. We have a large inventory of rental equipment offering you the ability to choose from several models. If you have a gear preference, we probably have some in rental, just ask. Our large inventory means we never run out of high quality rental gear so you won’t be disappointed on those high demand weekends when the smaller shops have run out of gear.
Our Guarantee
Deciding on make, model, style and configuration for every piece of your scuba system can be an overwhelming task. At Gulf Coast Divers our knowledgable staff takes pride in insuring that the scuba system you dive with is right for you, properly fitted, and performs up to expectations. Our “Try Before You Buy” policy is an important tool in insuring that you purchase equipment that exceeds your expectations.

We sell only the highest quality new and used scuba gear and the Gulf Coast Divers Guarantee takes the worry out of warranty and exchange policies. We stand behind every piece of equipment we sell, and regardless of the manufacturers response to their warranty, we simply fix or replace anything that does not perform up to snuff for a full year. Period. This applies to everything from your scuba regulator down to your snorkel keeper. If a piece of equipment doesn’t perform up to your expectations, we will fix it or exchange it for another item until you have exactly what you want.

Gulf Coast Divers is committed to your personal comfort, safety and enjoyment and provide this guarantee as our assurance that you will be completely satisfied with our support of your experiences underwater. Now, we can’t help much with the demands of life, but we can guarantee an escape.


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