Swimming Lessons in Mobile, Alabama

Gulf Coast Divers offers swimming instruction with Rockin’ Robin’s School of Star*fish. You will quickly see Robin’s personal touch integrated into this program. We do not do large group lessons, only private or semi-private.

Our philosophy is to reward children with praise and positive reinforcement for a job well done while challenging them to want to progress to the next level. Our program is based on a “comfort zone” centered approach combined with patience, feedback and positive encouragement. This allows new swimmers to progress at a rate that is ideal for them while building confidence and positive feelings about being in the water. Children are never forced to perform. They quickly realize this and can thus learn without a concern or fear of what may come next. Parents are often amazed at how quickly their child becomes comfortable and capable in the water.

Sessions are scheduled for 45 minutes each rather than the short 30-minute lessons commonly offered, where actual in water training time is even less. The most common package is 10 sessions, but anything can be arranged to meet your needs. A three-session entry trial run is a popular option for those not sure.

Call to schedule you or your child and let us know whether you want private sessions, or prefer that we place one, two, or three other kids of similar age in the sessions. Then watch your kid have a ball becoming one of Rockin’ Robin’s Star*fish!


Gulf Coast Divers
1284 Hutson Drive
Mobile, Alabama



9:00AM - 6:00PM