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The Gulf Coast’s Premier Divers Training and Support Facility

Established in 1972, our facility was built by divers for divers. We train divers year round in our facility that is built around a 125,000 gallon heated in-store training and test pool. The 15 feet deep pool includes a variety of training aids such as dock and boat simulator for learning in “real world” simulations. The pool is available for extra practice or trying out and testing equipment to determine what you like.

The best training improves your diving skills and confidence, and delivers a lifetime of great diving experiences. That is exactly what Gulf Coast Divers does for every diver, in every SCUBA class we teach.

The right team of experienced instructors and the best technical service skills available to any diver of any experience level coupled with a 100% customer service attitude is exactly what every diver wants.

“Open Water” Certification
We think “Open Water” is a misleading and prostituted term in the world of diver certification. To many (or most) people, “open water” diving would seem to describe diving at our fabulous offshore sites in the gulf. And we understand many people around here come to us because they want to do that. However, the Open Water designation is really more appropriate for someone going to a resort type area to make dives conducted by a divemaster in conditions that are always ideal… clear water with no waves or currents. Nothing wrong with that, and if that’s the only type of diving you want to do, the “Open Water Diver” certification level is all you need. Our Basic package represents all of the training needed for that. But if you want to dive when not under professional supervision and where conditions may not be ideal, in our opinion you should complete the additional training included in our “Gulf Certified Diver” package. Of course this additional training can be later added a la carte to upgrade from a lower level of training or certification.

Divers we have trained often tell us that they have discovered they were better trained than divers they met or know who were trained elsewhere. They know our course is more involved and they appreciate the difference.

But if you want to enjoy the great diving we have around here, in our opinion you should have some additional skills beyond those required for the common certification level designated as “Open Water Diver”. This is where our “Gulf Certified Diver” Program comes in.

For diving in the gulf we recommend training beyond what you will get through your first two days of qualification dives. This includes:
• additional navigational training and skill development,

• a class on deep diving issues where you will gain an understanding and appreciation of issues related to diving the common gulf depths,

• training in the use of nitrox as a breathing gas for added safety and bottom time.

We have packaged this additional training in our “Gulf Certified Diver” package as our recommended training for the Gulf Coast Divers version of “Open Water Diver”.

About Our Scuba Training Program
For more than 40 years Gulf Coast Divers has been providing the best SCUBA instruction and training on the Gulf Coast.  Whether you are just getting started, or have been venturing underwater for many years, we have the right fit training and equipment to help you scratch your itch to get wet and keep you diving for a lifetime of fun underwater adventures.

At Gulf Coast Divers our goal is to help you develop the skill and comfort level you need to safely enjoy the type of diving you want to do.

Many options to choose from…
We offer a variety of suggested training packages designed to offer you the ability to participate in diving at whatever level of involvement and certification appeals to you. Whether you only want to enjoy weightlessness in a pool, dive at a tropical resort, or want to experience the depths of the gulf, we have a suggested “package of instruction” with the lessons and training you need for the type of diving you want to do. You will not be forced to take and pay for training that is relevant only to types of diving that you have no interest in.

You can go through our entire program by taking and paying for each class separately, one at a time, without ever committing to anything beyond your current class. If, along the way you decide you are ready to commit to a given level of training you can pre-pay for all of the remaining sessions to reach that level and receive a discount on that remaining training.

Controlled Environment $189
A limited qualification if you are seeking to experience the stress relief and relaxation of weightlessness, but only in the still, clear water of a swimming pool or similar environment. It is also an excellent way to extend your underwater experience beyond your initial introduction if you are not sure SCUBA diving in open water is the activity for you.

Shallow Water Training Package $337
This training package includes everything you need to be qualified to dive in shallow, clear calm water to a depth of 30 feet or less without instructor supervision. Training includes 4 in-store sessions and 2 open water qualification dives.

Basic Training Package $595
This is the ideal package for anyone who wants to dive in resort areas, or in other environments with relatively good conditions. It leads to the certification rating of “Open Water Diver”, which is the most common certification required for participation diving activities. This training package includes 6 class/pool sessions, unlimited pool and equipment use, and a 2 or 3 day weekend diving trip. Everything for this trip is provided except transportation and site entry fees, if any.

You may also split this trip across two separate weekends to accommodate busy schedules.
We consider this level of training a “Basic” qualification program. After this certification your skills, abilities, and comfort level will be well above that achieved through most other Open Water programs. You will be well qualified to dive without supervision on most dives made at diving resorts or other locations with relatively good conditions.

Gulf Certified Diver Qualification $925.00
This training package includes everything it the packages above, but also includes additional training beyond where the basic package (Open Water certification) stops. It provides the additional training that all divers should consider before participating in unsupervised dives in the Gulf of Mexico, or any similar dynamic “open ocean” environment.

You will hone and fine-tune your navigation skills during a day of challenging open water work. Most who take this program say the navigation training was the most rewarding and valuable single day they have spent diving. It also includes class sessions addressing the issues of diving to deeper depths (as is common in the Gulf of Mexico), and includes two dives to depths of 80 to 130 feet. This deep training will introduce you to select spots that most divers never see or enjoy. You will see and experience some of diving’s more spectacular environments, while developing new skills and increased self confidence.

The price is all-inclusive, except for additional boat charter fees if you choose one of the more extended trips that are available. These additional fees could be from $75 to $150 depending on the trip you select.

Advanced Open Water Qualification (Contact us for pricing)
Our Advanced Program involves 4 classroom presentations covering stress recognition and management, diver assists, and night diving, and 2 formal pool sessions (usually combined with 2 of the classroom sessions) to fine tune these skills. As an added bonus, this program includes a night dive!

The package price does NOT include boat or site admission fees because of the variability of site choices. Completion of this program and proof of at least 24 dives qualifies you for our Advanced Open Water card

The discounted training “packages” represent savings over the sum of the individual class and dive prices if paid individually. However, the same training can be taken on a pay as you go basis.

Classroom presentation and pool: $62.00/per session
REGISTRATION/BOOK KIT: (only needed after first class) $130
(or 2 payments of $70 if desired)

We have the instruction you need to unlock the wonders of the undersea world.

The only things you are required to supply in our program are your swimsuit and towel. However, we highly recommend learning on your own equipment when possible. That allows the fit and adjustment to be fine-tuned to you, and your learning curve will include the equipment you will be diving with after class. So even though it is best to learn using your own equipment, none is required. We will supply (at no additional charge) any required equipment that you choose not to own. This includes use of equipment for your pool sessions, open water training dives, and also for unlimited personal pool play time for practice and fun, for as long as you are enrolled in our training program.

A registration kit will be needed to continue beyond the first session.  This kit includes various training materials such as your textbook or CD-ROM, your personal diving logbook, personal mouthpiece, and all registration fees. The price of this complete kit is $130. (or $70 can be paid up front, and a second payment of $70 can be made after completing the class sessions if desired).

In your first 3-hour session you will be introduced to SCUBA equipment, underwater breathing and the first essential skills of diving. (No one EVER forgets his or her first breath underwater!)

During the classroom presentation we will explain the risks, debunk the myths, address the realities about SCUBA diving, and answer any questions that may arise.

Then you’ll set up and put on your diving system for your introduction to some of the skills you will develop for use in all of your diving. It is an easy and excellent way to introduce yourself to SCUBA diving and become informed of myths, realities and risks of diving. The cost of this session is $27. You do not have to supply anything except your swimsuit and towel.

$AVE by buying a training package!
Our training packages offer a discount on each defined level of training in return for your commitment to that level of training. Package purchases are not refundable, so if you are not sure that you are going to complete the package you should pay for each session on an individual basis.

Note that at any time you decide you are ready to commit to a level of training represented by any of our training packages you will have the option to pay for all of the remaining sessions to reach that level, and you will receive a discount on that remaining training by pre-paying it. The amount of the discount would not be as great as if you had made the commitment sooner.


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